TSU, English

31 January 2011 - Leave a Response

(about nuns who spend their entire lives cleaning)

You’re running around smelling like Pine-Sol 97% of the time, but Jesus still loves you anyway.

-submitted by Jessica


TSU, English

31 January 2011 - Leave a Response

(about ‘A Modest Proposal’)

It’s not like you see a Martha Stewart show – What to do with leftover Irish child.

-submitted by Jessica

TSU, psychology

31 January 2011 - Leave a Response

(on the dangers of lead poisoning)

Professor: If someone is offering you a nice glass of red wine in a lead glass, just chug it.

Student: Or you could just not drink it.

Professor: Well, yes.  But this is what I would do, and I recommend chugging it.

Temple University, Globalization and Development

31 January 2011 - Leave a Response

“You can’t get rich selling bat shit” -Referencing Chile’s dependence on Guano as a major export.

Submitted by Anonymous


TSU, psychology

19 October 2010 - Leave a Response

“And you may think Australians sound cute–which I find them annoying.  Why can’t they just speak correctly?–And then I feel bad because I’m such a bigot.”

-on a lecture about prejudice.

University of Missouri-Columbia, Mythology

23 September 2010 - Leave a Response

In a mythology course:

“And then the question we always see in castration stories: What to do with the genitals?” followed by a slide with giant letters saying “What to do with the genitals?”

Submitted by Kayleigh

TSU, world religions

18 September 2010 - Leave a Response

Submitted by Jess:

While talking about the brahmin and Hindu traditions, the professor asks, “Have you ever had an experience that didn’t just give you the munchies, but showed you something meta-physical?”

Truman State University, psychology

4 September 2010 - Leave a Response

In a child development course:

“I don’t know, maybe you should just beat them.”

-about children cutting their own hair.

University of Missouri Columbia, sociology

30 August 2010 - One Response

In Sociology we were talking about stereotypes.

Guy from class: Okay so I have a question, Do white people eat really dry salads? Cause I’ve noticed that about you guys…like there’s nothing on them.

Professor: I don’t know about you but I like ’em wet.

Me: That’s what he said!

That was best day of my college career bar none.

Submitted by Lee

Truman State University, history

30 August 2010 - Leave a Response

“I understand that this is an 8.30 class, so do what ever you have to to be alert.  You can either fill your veins with coffee or do a few lines of cocaine.”

Submitted by Noah.